Timeshare Industry Wages War

April 11th, 2020 | Alleviate Consulting | A True Tale Of David Vs Goliath 

Timeshare Exit Companies Vs Timeshare Resorts

The timeshare industry has a silent war going on between timeshare resorts & timeshare advocacy group aka timeshare exit companies.The timeshare industry was disrupted about 5 years ago, when timeshare exit companies popped up everywhere. Can you imagine for there to even be a need for thousands of timeshare exit companies? Does it raise questions? Like why does everyone want rid of their timeshare, and why do they need help to do it? It’s no secret that timeshare’s are really hard to get rid of. With them being listed on Ebay for free, and passed down from generation to generation. The resorts say “we are in the business of selling, not taking back”.

Bad Timeshare Laws

In March of 2019, the resorts tried to get FL HB 435 passed (read page 20 & 21 of the bill), which quite essentially would have put all timeshare exit companies out of business or run the risk of $15,000 fines per timeshare owner you helped & a class c felony. Luckily it was blocked by the house committee. This outraged timeshare resorts and war was instantly waged.

The industry’s first target? You guessed it right, Timeshare Exit Team! Promoted by Davey Ramsey’s on his radio show with millions of listeners. Who’s not going to trust Dave Ramsey? Well, they shouldn’t have from the looks of their reviews. Not that Dave lead them astray, but the massive influx of business created by him and Timeshare Exit Team did not scale appropriately, having hundreds of complaints in just a few years time. Maybe they deserved all the lawsuits by maybe it was just poor management and under estimating the business Dave Ramsey would bring you.

Then there is Wesley Financial Group, a company that’s already beat the largest timeshare company in a lawsuit in federal court. However their CEO Chuck Mcdowell has past that he can not hide from. He’s been trying awfully hard. But in today’s age, you can’t hide from anything. But we will save those juicy details for a different writing. As this is about a silent war America needs to know about.

We too have found our selves in federal court with this same timeshare company. It opened our eyes to another side of the industry we have always steered clear away from. The lawsuit filed against us is nothing more than made up hail mary’s. While reading the some 200 page complaint this timeshare company made against us, we couldn’t help but chuckle. We look forward to using the free publicity. The resort companies have a few moles on the inside feeding them information we discovered. But if the information is bad, it’s only going to hurt them. We were just an innocent bystander in a game of seek and destroy.

Lawsuits  & More Lawsuits

There have been over 300 lawsuits filed in the last 5 years against timeshare exit companies. Many were well deserved, and many were not! It’s absolutely brilliant what the timeshare companies are doing. Spend millions of dollars on frivolous lawsuits to find out who has the money to defend themselves and who will be put out of business immediately, due to not having insurance or being able to afford a defense in federal court. They file them in federal court in Florida, the only state they still have political pull where law makers & lobbyist basically fill in the dotted lines with whatever will benefit the timeshare companies pockets, even if it means hurting millions of Americans who no longer can use or afford their timeshare’s. Other states would not put up with hundred of lawsuits and more than half of them frivolous, which also is hurting the American tax payer. The annual tax bill for civil lawsuits exceeds several hundred million per year.

If you do a little research you will see that 95% of all these lawsuits, and we mean hundreds of lawsuits are settled out of court. Meaning the companies are going bankrupt and just having to cave the the resort industries demands, or they file for bankruptcy protection which is a W for the timeshare resorts. Then they use their media power, money and connections and go to the media and say “You see, another timeshare exit scam was put out of business today”. MY GOD! This couldn’t be further from the truth in many cases, but it is so brilliant on their part, and we tip are hat to who ever had the idea on their side.

The court systems are being abused by power hungry timeshare companies. Get in their way of dollar bills, and they will try to squash you like a bug. It’s a common thought that all timeshare companies are bad, but that is simply not true. Disney Vacations for example is a great company. If a Disney owner wants out of their timeshare, no questions asked Disney will let them out. On top of that they will give them 10-20 cents on the dollar back for their timeshare. Try to find a Disney resort on the resale market, you won’t find one. That’s because Disney cares about their product, their owners and their image.

Why was it so Brilliant ?

The reason it was brilliant? They can’t sue the very customers that they scam lol. They can only sure the companies that help them. Right now there is approximately 50 class action lawsuits going on against the timeshare owners vs their timeshare resort companies. These resorts know they can not win a jury trial against a timeshare exit company.

Find articles where a trial by jury shut down the timeshare exit company and sided with the resort. I only know of only 1, and that is Castle Law out of Tennessee, and the attorney was even disbarred. But they were just strait ripping people off, and deserved it. That is the only one that we know of where the lawsuit was filed by the timeshare company and not filed by a family that was done wrong by a company.

Here is why this was such a smart and brilliant move by the timeshare companies. Timeshare exit companies took money from timeshare owners in return for exit services. It takes on Avg. 7-12 months to complete.

During this same time period of working to get these timeshare owners out, they get served a federal lawsuit & immediately they had to fork out a $10,000 retainer to hire a defense. Most attorneys that defend federal cases charge $400-$800 an hour. The Avg. cost of a timeshare exit is between $4000-$7000. That’s what most charge. It use to be $2500-$5000, why the increase? The over head is massive, with transfer fee’s, settlement fee’s, payroll & in many cases travel cost. The timeshare companies lawsuit itself is what scammed these timeshare owners.

While these exit companies were in possession of money that was to get the owners out, they were blind sided by a lawsuit that in return made them use the money to defend themselves in federal court. Many timeshare owners wonder why the price is so high to cancel one. And now they know why if they are reading this. It’s because the defense cost is outrageous for the exit companies to defend themselves.

Our Take And Stance On It? 

If a timeshare owner is happy, we are happy they are. But if they are not? You best believe we are going to help them. You may have more money than us, but you do not have more than the insurance company Jack.  Nothing we do is illegal, and no jury is going to side with you. Not when our star witnesses are the very families you betrayed your duty to. The duty to not deceive for your financial gain. You can’t promise people one thing verbally, and then have them sign on the dotted line to something different and call that within the law. The posters you have all over the resort that say no photography or video recording of any kind? It’s obvious you do that so they can’t own proof of the fraud that is committed.

We must unite against the evil corporate bullies of this world they have preyed upon you. They may have more money than us! Money unlawfully attained by good people like you. But they do not have more heart, or class. As far as the court case goes? My mom always taught me that if you always tell the truth, you do not have to remember what you said. Saying all timeshare exit companies are the same is like saying all ethnic groups are the same. It’s incredibly rude, and inaccurate.

See you soon Goliath.