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Wyndham Timeshare Review

The following article is real life accounts from timeshare owners and their experiences with certain timeshare resort companies. Listen to their video review about their experiences.

This article is to bring awareness to the timeshare owners that are looking to purchase a timeshare. Listen to each owners real accounts of their experience with their timeshare company.

Timeshare Reviews By Timeshare Owners

While we do realize that online reviews can be a little one sided due to consumers not taking the time to leave good reviews as well. It’s hard for a business to get reviews, unless there is an issue and then it’s really easy to get them in the form of complaints. We have compiled video reviews from timeshare owners who have went to YouTube to express their dissatisfaction and their reasons why. We have broken theses sections down by each resort company. It order to be unbiased we simply went to YouTube and typed into the search bar timeshare complaints, timeshare nightmare, my timeshare nightmare, and the worst timeshare companies to see what came up in the results. The following below are those findings.

Wyndham Timeshare Complaints

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Wyndham is by far the largest timeshare company in the world, so that is why they have so many. No justification, it’s just that if you look for complaints that timeshare owners have made you will see WYNDHAM DESTINATIONS Formerly WYNDHAM VACATION RESORTS listed many times. A google search of Wyndham shows more lawsuits against the company than one could really count. Just on the first page of google there is the mention of 4 class action lawsuits against WYNDHAM for claims ranging from fraudulent and deceptive sales practices to former employees suing them for claiming that Wyndham forced them to lie. One former employee won a lawsuit and go a judgment of over $20,000,000 dollars. She claimed upon joining their sales team on the west coast the was pressured to forge documents, lie to owners about how the program works as well as change income on credit applications in hopes to get the customer approved for a timeshare loan. If this is true, that is so troubling. Committing fraud in hopes of getting someone approved for a loan is the same thing that caused the collapse of our economy in 2008, not to mention how unethical it is to attempt to get someone approved for a loan that they might not otherwise get approved for. The question may come up in regards as to how that is negatively impacting or could negatively impact the applicant ? It’s simple, credit monitoring companies can see all of your debts, the amount of money you make etc. They know if you are over extended or if you have all your credit cards currently maxed out. To lie on an application could potentially result in an applicant getting approved for something they simply can not afford which has far reaching negative impact than one may think.

Their Consumer Affairs report has an industry low of 1 Star out of 5. You can view 175 complaints about Wyndham by tapping this link. This is just one site out of 10-15 reputable review sites. Wyndham Consumer Affairs Report

But enough of the rambling , let’s get right to the first video from a Wyndham Timeshare Owner.

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